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From: Stephens, Chris <>
Date: Thu, 28 Jan 2010 13:08:19 -0600
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DB_ADMIN_at_reddb> create table t(col1 varchar2(5));

Table created.

DB_ADMIN_at_reddb> insert into t(col1) values('abc'||chr(9));

1 row created.

DB_ADMIN_at_reddb> select dump(col1) from t;


Typ=1 Len=4: 97,98,99,9

DB_ADMIN_at_reddb> update t set col1 = substr(col1,1,length(col1) - 1);

1 row updated.

DB_ADMIN_at_reddb> select dump(col1) from t;


Typ=1 Len=3: 97,98,99

I think that works.


DB_ADMIN_at_reddb> update t set col1 = replace(col1,chr(9));

1 row updated.

DB_ADMIN_at_reddb> select dump(col1) from t;


Typ=1 Len=3: 97,98,99

If you just want to get rid of all the tabs.

From: [] On Behalf Of Eugene Pipko Sent: Thursday, January 28, 2010 12:37 PM To: ''
Subject: pls/sql help please

Hi all,
I have the following line in the file in the text file being sent to me (just an example):

x                                              16         18         20         22         24                     <- tab (hidden)

Very last character on that line is TAB character. I am trying to account for that, but for some reason can't catch it:

vSize_field := TRIM(SUBSTR(vLine,C_SIZE_FIELD_START,C_SIZE_FIELD_LEN)); vSize_id := sc_get_size_fn(vSize_field,' ');

WHILE ( vSize_field IS NOT NULL OR TRIM(vSize_field) <> ' ' OR TRIM(vSize_id) <> CHR(9) ) LOOP

  • store values in collection vNext_row := NVL(sc_size.LAST,0)+1; sc_size(vNext_row) := vSize_id;
  • progress down the line C_SIZE_FIELD_START := C_SIZE_FIELD_START + C_SIZE_FIELD_LEN;
  • retrieve current values vSize_field := TRIM(SUBSTR(vLine,C_SIZE_FIELD_START,C_SIZE_FIELD_LEN)); vSize_id := sc_get_size_fn(vSize_field,' ');

END LOOP; What am I missing?

Eugene Pipko
Seattle Pacific Industries
office: 253.872.5243
cell: 206.304.7726
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