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Date: Tue, 26 Jan 2010 10:04:44 -0500
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In our software, there is a series of event-based functions - i.e. our software sees that a particular event has occurred, and springs into action to resolve it. The developers may have refactored this to remove it, but for several years, those function calls were "Object.GoGoGadget_____" where ____ was the type of event. So, "GoGoGadget_DatabasePatch" and "GoGoGadget_ConfigureASM" were scattered all through the logs.

On a slightly related note, for years, even after Microsoft purchased Hotmail, you could do a host -l and get a list of all the DNS names under They were all really boring,, etc. etc., except for one server called

Or every Java class using the hex phrase "CAFEBABE" as its magic number.

I personally find it amusing when these things crop up. As long as it doesn't negatively impact the product (i.e. why not use Radiohead lyrics when you need a string?), I'm all for it.



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You'd be surprised (or shocked) at some of the things that have creep into the code over the years...  

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I wonder what other lyrics are in the code :)... Could this explain why Oracle keeps taking more room to install? : )

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strings oracle.exe | grep radiohead

Starting at least at, function kfasSelfTest_update() (located in kfas.o) use Radiohead lyrics to test... something related to ASM probably.

Schematic pseudocode:

#define STRING "I'm a creep, I'm a winner, what the hell am I doing here.I don't belong here - radiohead"


       kfasOpen (...);
       kfasUpdate (somestruct);
       kfasClose (...);
       newstruct=kfasOpen (...);
       if (strncmp (newstruct.somevalue, STRING, ...)!=0)
               // raise error 99999?
               kserec1(99999, 1, ...);
               kserec2(99999, 1, ..., STRING, 1, ...);
               return 0;
       kfasClose (...);
       return 1;


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