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Matt, Just out of curiosity, what makes exadata proprietary? The version of Oracle on exdata is not special and neither is linux. You are stuck with HP or SUN as the vendor infiniband for the network and there is specific HBA that is used.  

I wouldn't call exdata any more proprietary than IBM HW. However exadata is a HW solution for a particular application like DWH.  


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Personally, I'd say skip the Exadata platform - why lock yourself into a proprietary architecture? Buy 100 2 x 4-core processor servers with 48GB of RAM each. That should give you a really good sense of whether your application will scale in RAC environments. Of course, to make sure I/O doesn't become a bottleneck, I'd recommend a 2000-disk EMC VMAX with a mix of flash and fibre channel drives. Each one of the servers should have at least 4 4-Gb/sec links into the SAN.

This is just for the development environment, of course.

Or, the OP could just google "oracle rac test environment" and see the options presented. For me, the third one is "Build Your Own Oracle RAC Cluster on Oracle Enterprise Linux and iSCSI", which definitely won't be as fast as our solutions, but is almost certainly cheaper. Or, the sixth option down the page is a presention by the always-popular Dan Norris on building a RAC environment with VMware.


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I'd buy 2 Oracle Exadata 2 servers with about 10tb of storage. You can do lots of testing there!!
OH! You say that does not meet your budgetary requirements? Did you mention what your needs or requirements were?


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i would like to test oracle rac 10g & 11g. please advise me what os, vm & hardware should i use..

thanks in advance
amit v


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