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Date: Thu, 21 Jan 2010 08:52:04 -0500
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Thank you Tony.  

I do wonder if 'oemagent' isn't the same as my make command below? In other words isn't that the same as the 'AGENT' home? I have an AGENT ORACLE_HOME on every server, but I only have one OMS [IAS] ORACLE_HOME on one server.  

This is for the sysadmin to do so I don't have to 'wake up' for this. :-) relink all leads to a lot of failure messages ... e.g. rdbms doesn't exist in agent home, Sqlplus doesn't exist etc.  

It is recommended to relink even with solaris upgrade, but your probably right it might work without doing so... OEM is still working and I haven't relinked it yet.  

I was suggesting "relink all" for every oracle home... but he would never know which errors are legit. For simplicity I could just leave it at that, but my DBA side wants to know the 'real way'.  

Joel Patterson
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From the header comments in $ORACLE_HOME/bin/relink on a Solaris 10 box it appears that either 'relink all' or 'relink oemagent' should do it. This is from a 10gR2 home:

# performs manual relinking of Oracle product executables based
# on what has been installed in the ORACLE_HOME.
# script calls appropriate makefile targets for the following
# accepted script parameters:
# all -- everything which has been installed
# oracle -- oracle database executable only
# network -- net_client, net_server, cman, names
# client -- net_client, plsql
# client_sharedlib
# interMedia -- ctx
# ctx --Oracle Text Utilities
# precomp -- all precompilers which have been installed
# utilities -- utilities and sqlplus
# oemagent -- oemagent
# ldap -- ldap/oid executables


On our installations sysman is in the same OH as the database, but then we don't run grid..

As an aside, I didn't think you'd have to relink as Solaris should be upgradeable without breaking the ABI, at least between Solaris 8, 9 and 10?


Around 21/01/2010 5:48 AM, said:

I can use Relink all for Database Homes.   

For agent homes, I can use, not sure about relink all:

   cd <$AGENT_ORACLE_HOME>/sysman/lib

   make -f agent

for agent homes.   

What do I use for OMS ORACLE_HOME or what do you use? I've googled and searched MOS, but don't wish to create an SR for this.   

(Upgrading solaris OS to newer version on Sparc).

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