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From: Louis BROUILLETTE <>
Date: Tue, 19 Jan 2010 14:36:53 -0500
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Yes, we are looking for an easy to manage GUI for the dbms_scheduler but it has to be easy enough to be used by end users. We create "schedule programs" for them and all they have to do is schedule them only using select boxes, check boxes, etc (no syntax at all). It needs to be as simple as can be.

At 14:22 2010-01-19, Kellyn Pedersen wrote:
>I haven't paid attention to this thread, so I
>apologize if I deleted too many of these
>responses to get down to the reason behind it,
>but we are looking for an easy to manage GUI for the dbms_scheduler?
>I'm one of those DBA's that isn't fond of Toad,
>(yeah, I know, I'm weird...:)) and use Allround
>Automations PL/SQL Developer if I need to have a
>GUI. It's cheap at less than $150 for most
>licenses and does have a gui interface to the
>DBMS_SCHEDULER that works pretty slick, in fact
>the new DBA I work with had me show it to him
>earlier today when he had some challenges with
>the Toad version, (boy the Toad vendors just hate me... heh, heh)
>If I didn't get the question, just ignore me today and apologies....
>Kellyn Pedersen

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