Re: UI to the Oracle Scheduler

From: Louis BROUILLETTE <>
Date: Tue, 19 Jan 2010 10:12:31 -0500
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We control what's in the job. They only schedule it, they don't create a job. They are the ones who decide when to run these jobs.

At 09:45 2010-01-19, Howard Latham wrote:
>You want users to schedule jobs? are they
>technical? Do they write the code? You are scaring me!
>On 19 January 2010 14:27, Louis BROUILLETTE
><<>> wrote:
>We have lots of batch jobs (in an old
>application) that we would like to rewrite in
>PL/SQL. These jobs have to be scheduled by end
>users. The Oracle Scheduler (from 10g) has all
>the features needed except for the user
>interface (unless it's there but didn't see
>it). We need a really simple one (on the web)
>that end users can use to schedule jobs (one-time job, recurrent job, etc).
>Has anyone ever seen anything like that ? I
>guess we're not the only ones who want their
>users to be able to schedule their jobs by themseves.

>Howard A. Latham

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