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You mean this site?

I'm getting in.

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Seems you hit a sore nerve as the page appears to have been taken down. I just got an Error 500.

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As a side note - it seems that Oracle has started (at least in some places) to maximize the income with all possible means. In Oracle Mix there is even a topic urging to think about that

Gints Plivna

2010/1/18 Barbara Baker <>:
> OK to spec SE for new projects, but what about those of us with declining
> revenues?  We would love to downgrade our licenses from EE to SE, and keep
> oracle,  but oracle will have none of it.  We are asked to shelve all of our
> EE licenses and buy new SE licenses.  All of that money for our EE licenses
> in the trash can.
> At that juncture, Postgre/MySQL or even SQL Server start looking mighty
> attractive.



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