Re: How to clear UNDOTBS- Slightly OT

From: Rich Jesse <>
Date: Mon, 18 Jan 2010 11:56:28 -0600 (CST)
Message-ID: <>

Hi Kellyn,

> How many DBA's inspect what is utilizing temp and undo?  How many DBA's see
> a large temp and/or UNDO tablespace as a red flag in a database? 

I run this snapshot procedure via the Scheduler way more frequently than I'd like, but the output (when graphed via Toad's FastReports) presents a clear indicator of either issues or the need for more TEMP (or both!) for our ERP system on

INSERT INTO whos_using_temp

        SELECT sysdate "TIME_STAMP", vsu.username, vsu.sql_id, vsu.tablespace, vsu.usage_mb, vst.sql_text, vp.spid

		SELECT username, sqladdr, sqlhash, sql_id, tablespace, session_addr,
sum(blocks)*8192/1024/1024 "USAGE_MB"
		FROM v$sort_usage
		HAVING SUM(blocks)> 10000 -- 80MB
		GROUP BY username, sqladdr, sqlhash, sql_id, tablespace, session_addr
	) "VSU",
	v$sqltext vst,
	v$session vs,
	v$process vp
WHERE vsu.sql_id = vst.sql_id
	AND vsu.sqladdr = vst.address
	AND vsu.sqlhash = vst.hash_value
	AND vsu.session_addr = vs.saddr
	AND vs.paddr = vp.addr
	AND vst.piece = 0


I hope most should be able to figure out the one-time SQL needed to create the output table, as well as the necessary explicit privs required to run this procedure.

As far as UNDO goes, I'm "lucky" that it's been 10GB since before I was here and has not needed to be increased at all in three years, despite a substantial growth in the footprint of the DB. "Lucky" in my case is backhanded in that the DB-agnostic ERP commits after every DML statement. But no 1555s that I can recall.


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