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        Many years ago I interviewed with a major financial. They operated in a similar way, though not exactly identical. In their minds a computer was obsolete after 5 years, whether a desktop, laptop, or server. They also believed in never opening their machines after purchase, so all computers came porked, max memory, cpu's, fiber cards, etc..... Disk systems were the same, buy EMC and fill it as we'll use it sooner or later. They followed the same idea with Oracle. If the machine was going to be a database server, buy a license for it, with all options and then just leave it. No patches or support after the first year. When the server came to the end of it's life they replaced it along with the Oracle license if still needed. They claimed it was cheaper in the long run, but I wonder. I'm no financial wizard, by any stretch of the imagination, so it doesn't make sense to me.

        What I don't understand, soapbox please, is why Oracle places the cost of it's software as high as it does, after all it's software, not platinum. There is no limit to the number of copies that you can sell and at it's current price there is sufficient sticker shock that sometimes the nod goes else where. I know that a project I'm involved with is reconsidering their DB choice just because Oracle is so darn expensive. The PM wanted EE with a 2 node Rac and Active Data Guard. Will probably end up as SE, no RAC and a basic DR setup (recovery from tape). The other side of this is that I've friends who have lost their jobs, not because they were downsized, but replaced with DB2 or Sql*Server DBA's and that just on the impression that those would be cheaper. That is down right depressing. OK, we can put the soapbox away now.

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I have clients who have operated for years without a support agreement (and without patching). But I would not voluntarily choose this myself, though.

I am curious, would this still be acceptable to Oracle? I have always assumed that you are only allowed to play with it, for testing and learning. The moment you attach a business around it, you have to part with money, even if you do not need patching and support.

Please do not infer that I am putting you in a tight corner. I have thought twice before sending this, but concluded you would be okay since you are the one who brought it up in the first place.


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I dont understand something about pricing. This page says: :RP,3:P3_LPI,P3_PROD_HIER_ID:4509382199341805719938,45099582877218057200 11

Perpetual license/cpu: 47,500$, plus yearly support: 10,450$ 1 year license/cpu: 9,500$

It looks like to me it is cheaper to re-buy a yearly license in every year, than the yearly support cost of a perpetual license. (And there is lot more difference in the first year...)

I guess I am missing something, but I cant find it.

Can you enlighten me?

Thanks in advance.

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