Re: Export Import Large Database - 9i

From: Govindan K <>
Date: Sat, 16 Jan 2010 16:17:37 GMT
Message-ID: <>

I recommend pre-create the tablespaces , roles , profiles , users in that order in the new db, expdp and impdp from sys. Make sure the Character set in the new db is the same and that the tablespace type etc tallies. Expdp is good and fast.  Do the dev,qc first to get a hang of it.
AFAIK, expdp does not take care of Logon Triggers. 
This is caused by Bug:5597938 which is fixed in Oracle RDBMS Release 11.1
Check metalink if you have LONG datatypes in your source db. If the table is not big you can use exp/imp since expdp corrupts long datatype. This problem has been observed in 10.x but not sure about 9.x;
For TTS (not an option in your case) , beginning with Oracle Database 10g Release 2, you can transport tablespaces  that contain XMLTypes, but you must use the IMP and EXP utilities,   not Data Pump.
If you are running the expdp on HP platform , then it might hang after a while.  You would need to use  clear_locks -S <NFS_ServerName> to allow it to run on the NFS location.
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