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Read all of the terms and conditions surrounding licensing before you buy. Much of their documentation is available on the internet. You can not eliminate any licenses once you buy them from Oracle - and if you do, they re-price support on all remaining licenses to make sure their revenue stream stays the same at a minimum year-over-year. I would make sure you read more information surrounding the contract before you plan to do something like this...


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I dont understand something about pricing. This page says:,3:P3_LPI,P3_PROD_HIER_ID:4509382199341805719938,4509958287721805720011

Perpetual license/cpu: 47,500$, plus yearly support: 10,450$ 1 year license/cpu: 9,500$

It looks like to me it is cheaper to re-buy a yearly license in every year, than the yearly support cost of a perpetual license. (And there is lot more difference in the first year...)

I guess I am missing something, but I cant find it.

Can you enlighten me?

Thanks in advance.

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