Re: Logical Standby - dba_logstdby_skip.error

From: Govindan K <>
Date: Fri, 15 Jan 2010 19:38:47 GMT
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The procedure DBMS_LOGSTDBY.SKIP_ERROR is used for the following:

Ignore failures for a table or specific DDL

Associate a stored procedure with a filter so at runtime a determination can be made about skipping the statement, executing this statement, or executing a replacement statement
As for your question goes, the errors should not be skipped/ignored and would need to be reported. Did you check for entries in DBA_LOGSTDBY_EVENTS table?   



Roger Xu <> wrote on 14 Jan 2010, 02:59 PM: Subject: Logical Standby - dba_logstdby_skip.error Hi List,   

Oracle doc says that dba_logstdby_skip.error indicates "whether the statement should be skipped (Y) or just return errors for the statement (N)". What does this really mean?   

Below shows that no DML is applied for tables owned by userA and userC. All DML are applied for userB except table1 and table2, correct?   

SQL> select OWNER, NAME, ERROR, STATEMENT_OPT from dba_logstdby_skip order by OWNER;   

OWNER                          NAME                           ERR STAT 
------------------------------ ------------------------------ --- ---- 
USERA                          %                              N   DML 
USERB                          TABLE1                         N   DML 
USERB                          TABLE2                         N   DML 
USERC                          %                              N   DML 

4 rows selected.   

SQL>    Thanks,   

Roger Xu

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