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Not sure why it's flagging the 2nd field, unless the lines you displayed in your email did not show other lines in the ".csv" file?  Is the ".csv" file truly just the five lines you've shown?

But one problem I do see is the definition of the REG and OT columns as NUMBER(3,2) yet some of the data for those columns are "39.02" which is NUMBER (4,2), for example.  The other problem is your date format -- the data is MM/DD/YY, but your specification is saying "MM-DD-YYYY".

By the way just FYI, the syntax you are using is also known as "relative positioning", because you've specified "field separated by comma", meaning that each field follows the other (relative).  "Absolute" positioning would mean you specified the starting byte-offset and length of each field, instead of just saying "fields separated by comma".

Hope this helps?
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Hi all,

I need help with creating an external table.  I'm working with a simple csv file, example data below:


When I query the external table, I get the "reject limit reached" error.  The log contains the following for each row:

KUP-04021: field formatting error for field HOME_WG_3
KUP-04025: field extends beyond end of record
KUP-04101: record 1 rejected in file /home/aeexport/HOURSEXP.CSV

I looked up the error message and all I get is  "This can happen when specifying either absolute or relative positioning for a field."  I'm not specifying an absolute or relative position for a field.

Here's my create table statement:

( HOME_WG_1   NUMBER(1),
  HOME_WG_3   NUMBER(3),
  REG         NUMBER(3,2),
  OT          NUMBER(3,2))
       ( records delimited by newline
           fields terminated by ','
                                      HOME_WG_1   ,
                                     HOME_WG_3   ,
                                    START_DATE  DATE 'MM-DD-YYYY',
                                     END_DATE    DATE 'MM-DD-YYYY',
                                     REG         ,
                                     OT          )

Oracle on Solaris.

Thanks for your help!


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