Server consolidation and minimizing unplanned downtime

From: Ken Simpson <>
Date: Thu, 14 Jan 2010 14:21:34 -0500
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Over the past couple of years our hardware group were real big on server consolidation so we ended up with a pair of Sun boxes supporting between 15 and 20 databases each. The SLAs didn't warrant any type of HA requirement so they are standalone boxes and in the event of a hardware failure the business was okay with waiting for Sun to service the gear. The wonderful world of shared services and being able to pull data from anywhere at anytime has meant that we now need some sort of redundancy in this environment. All of the databases are small (between 10GB and 150GB in size). The majority of these database support 3rd party packages from small vendors who are historically very slow with supporting recent releases of Oracle so we're forced with supporting everything back to 9i.

For those of you with environments containing 30+ databases with releases running anything between 9i and 11g, how are you providing redundancy to minimize unplanned downtime? We don't need 5 9's availability and can schedule the occasional maintenance. We just need a way to minimize downtime ( < 15 minutes ) in the event of an unplanned outage or hardware failure.

RAC? Veritas (or Sun) Cluster? Golden Gate?


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