RE: What is the least expensive Oracle database product?

From: Goulet, Richard <>
Date: Thu, 14 Jan 2010 08:57:05 -0500
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"Inexpensive" is not in Oracle's vocabulary, which is a serious shame. They definetly could reduce the cost of Personal edition if for no other reason then to collect the annual support renewals from people like us.

Dick Goulet
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Subject: What is the least expensive Oracle database product?

I posted here the other day mentioning that I no longer have MOS access and someone suggested that I buy a cheap Oracle license, just for the support. I decided to take a look at the store today and find it confusing. And "cheap" is definitely relative. :)

According to the pop-up list of "user minimums", both SE and SE One require a 5 user minimum. But the shopping cart appears to be quite happy to sell me just one (that is, I added one to my cart, hit Checkout, and it gave every indication that it would proceed with taking my information without complaint).

Even for SE One, five users adds up to $1100, more than I am willing to spend on this. But I can handle paying for one....

I guess my question is twofold: one, is there a less expensive product I can buy that will get me a CSI? And two, since I have no intention of actually running the software as licensed anyway, does it even matter if I buy the minimum?




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