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Oh gotcha. Grid will find the patch that you ask it to find. There's a search tool. I ask i can answer both questions by saying that Grid will patch whatever you want it to patch with whatever you tell it to patch in whatever order you tell it to patch. Of course, it won't let you patch a HP-UX database with a Windows FMW patch. But, you have lots of control over what it does. And, no, no PSU recommendations yet, but whenever it tells me CPU's are out, i look for a new PSU on Metalink for that version of whatever i'm patching, lol. Lyall

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Well for example you shouldn't patch say your forms tiers before the etadata repository and so on. Idm means identity management. I guess he real question was does grid get the patches right my guess would e yes and does it get inter home dependencies right- my guess would e know. I bet it can't recommend PSUs yet! On 1/13/10, <> wrote:

 I'm not really sure what you mean by "complex ordering". When there's a new  CPU out (like today or yesterday or whenever this January one came out), the  home page for grid pops up with a bunch of new Critical Patch Advisories. I  had fifteen of them waiting for me this morning. But, there's only one  patch for each version... It's not really complex. The Deployment  Procedures have a set of rules it goes through to apply a patch to a  Database, a different set to apply a patch to an Application Server, etc. I  don't know what IDM stands for.

 I hope i answered your question.

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 Out of interest how well does Grid deal with the complex ordering of CPU  deployment requirements for FMW? You know you must have your repository at  at least CPU x and then do the FMW patch and if IDM is involved  then theres a separate patch for that.


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 Piece of cake, especially through Grid Control's Deployment Procedures. We  haven't had any problems with July09, Oct09 and i just installed my first  CPU for Jan10 this morning. No problems after installing on our  applications either.
 Oracle Database PSU#2
 Oracle Fusion Middleware CPUOct09  Oracle Database PSU#1
 Oracle OMS Grid PSU#1
 is what i've installed them on. From Windows and Linux to HP-UX.


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 I'm just curious what the list's opinion is on these from those who have  been
 nstalling them - are they truly "low risk" as described by Oracle in MOS Doc  54428.1, or have you found the reality to be significantly different from  the
 ype? Of course I would always install in a test environment first, no  matter
 ow low-risk it is deemed to be, but I'm just curious if people are generally  inding these to be more trouble than their worth, or if they have gone  moothly?
 I've never applied a PSU or CPU before, but am considering changing my  policy on
 hat and applying these PSUs either quarterly, or maybe only semi-anually or  nually depending on the level of effort required and how many bugs I find  they
 ntroduce once I actually test it.
 I was already in the process of preparing to install, but I  suppose I
 ight as well jump to now that it's out. I'm a little scared to  be
 hat far out on the bleeding edge, but we'll test thoroughly and wait a month  or
 o before putting it in production so hopefully we'll be okay. I'll report  back
 o the list if I come across any major issues.  Thanks in advance for any feedback!

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