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From: Niall Litchfield <>
Date: Wed, 13 Jan 2010 19:52:13 +0000
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Out of interest how well does Grid deal with the complex ordering of CPU deployment requirements for FMW? You know you must have your repository at at least CPU x and then do the FMW patch and if IDM is involved then theres a separate patch for that.


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> Piece of cake, especially through Grid Control's Deployment Procedures. We
> haven't had any problems with July09, Oct09 and i just installed my first
> CPU for Jan10 this morning. No problems after installing on our
> applications either.
> Oracle Database PSU#2
> Oracle Fusion Middleware CPUOct09
> Oracle Database PSU#1
> Oracle OMS Grid PSU#1
> is what i've installed them on. From Windows and Linux to HP-UX.
> Lyall
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> I'm just curious what the list's opinion is on these from those who have been
> installing them - are they truly "low risk" as described by Oracle in MOS Doc
> 854428.1, or have you found the reality to be significantly different from the
> hype? Of course I would always install in a test environment first, no matter
> how low-risk it is deemed to be, but I'm just curious if people are generally
> finding these to be more trouble than their worth, or if they have gone
> smoothly?
> I've never applied a PSU or CPU before, but am considering changing my policy on
> that and applying these PSUs either quarterly, or maybe only semi-anually or
> anually depending on the level of effort required and how many bugs I find they
> introduce once I actually test it.
> I was already in the process of preparing to install, but I suppose I
> might as well jump to now that it's out. I'm a little scared to be
> that far out on the bleeding edge, but we'll test thoroughly and wait a month or
> so before putting it in production so hopefully we'll be okay. I'll report back
> to the list if I come across any major issues.
> Thanks in advance for any feedback!
> Brandon
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