Re: Anyone going live with 11.2 in Q1 or Q2?

From: Rodd Holman <>
Date: Wed, 13 Jan 2010 10:22:02 -0600
Message-ID: <>

We are going through testing/evaluation of 11.2 on OEL 5.4 for Q1-Q2 go-live.
Working through some hick-ups with the DNFS storage right now. Hopefully we are able to resolve that and move on. --Rodd

Bobak, Mark wrote:
> My preprod is going live in a couple of weeks, and my production should be going live just before end of Q2.
> Oracle RAC on RHEL 5.2.
> -Mark
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> Subject: Anyone going live with 11.2 in Q1 or Q2?
> the subject line says it all... Anyone planning on going live with 11.2
> (single instance/RAC in Q1 or Q2)? What's the experience so far? I have
> noticed Mark Bobak's email about server pools and policy managed
> databases which makes me think that there might be a fair bit of testing
> required :)

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