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I actually worked with several OE-DBAs like this. This one I got off server fault. This is a call Sys Admins ite since they rank respondants. The Oracle questions are kind of basic (since its a sys admin site)

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> I Love the OE-DBA--- 38 Luns Classic
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> I have a few more
> Drama Queen DBA: Every little thing is a big deal and requires a tantrum.
> They have to look at and review everything. This makes them a bottleneck for
> everyone else. If they see something they may not like they send an email
> and CC 20 people to demands answers to their questions.
> Over Engineer DBA: You have a small database that is rarely used. The DBA
> demands 38 LUNs be set up so he can personally put every last file on a
> differnet lun for optimal performance. Takes him weeks to do all this. The
> performance increase is negligible, but it is so complex, the DBA now
> appears to be the expert.
> Everything has to be done in the database DBA: There is 1 DBA and 5
> developers. The DBA is the only one he considers qualified to write pl/sql.
> They insist on every line of SQL in the database and only he can do it. This
> type of DBA is related to #1 and #2 by blood lines that go back 1,000 years.

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