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The site says this is unix based. Can you make a call to it from windows .net, java, visual basic, SQL*Server etc to get oracle passwords, (or any other passwords)?

I have a getpassword korn-shell script that could be used by unix programs, only thing left would be to encrypt decrypt my password file. I don't need it now, so no need to pursue it... and maybe could replace it... but we need to get to oracle from the desktops App servers.

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Hi William,

There are lots of issues here. The first is that as jared points out you must fix the hard coded password problem.

There are plenty of solutions to this that might include: 1) have the password added by the SA's - not ideal as its still hard coded
2) use Oracle wallets and mkstore to avoid the need to pass in the password
3) use free software like to do similar

definetly do not share passwords for the application between dev and prod.

Use a firewall or valid node checking to ensure the app password is only used by the app. audit app use of system privileges and potentially connections from non-stanard IP's

The next issue is there is no such thing as a read-only user. Any user is in the public group and in 11gR1 this includes 27,000 otehr privileges some of which can be used to escalate your privileges. This means its not read-only.

Your ideas for restricting the read only accounts based on module/machine/IP etc are OK on a simple level. All these fields can easily be spoofed - search my blog for number of examples / links to papers on this.

Lock the developer account and only open it when its requested - i.e. priority one bug that requires live data to resolve.

Audit all system privileges on these read only accounts. Audit access to all objects in application schemas by these users.

Use valid node checking to limoit their access from one terminal each.

Use profiles to stop session duplication, careful use of resources etc.

Secure application roles are a good approach as well as a trigger (bear in mind what I said about spoofing)



Blanchard, William wrote:
> Greetings,
> I have convinced management to allow me to grant read-only access to
> developers. The problem is that they know the application passwords
> have been using those passwords to circumvent my controls. Is there a
> way via a trigger, role, etc to change individual sessions privileges
> they have read only (select) permissions? The easiest way would be to
> change the permissions on the applications but that's not an option.
> Thank you,
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