Oracle projects for beginners

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Date: Fri, 8 Jan 2010 16:06:27 -0500
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Im trying to help a person to improve Jr DBA skills, I was thinking on small projects with challenges that will make this person to research on several oracle features, i.e:  

"There is a plain text file with info for industrial supplies, prices, vendors, orders etc, etc.. we need to load data into tables (parts, vendors, prices, orders) these tables are related, we will use one schema as the owner of the objects and another schema to manipulate data to generate some reports using pl/sql."  

Well, this is a first approach, hope you get my idea, Im trying to create projects where the jr dba will have to research on the way to solve this, for mentioned example he will need to use:  

  • Directories creation
  • Privs on directories
  • External tables
  • Create users with minimum required privs
  • Create tablespaces for data and indexes
  • Create tables with indexes on required fields and design relationship on tables
  • Create synonyms for readonly user
  • Grant privs on objects to readonly user
  • Code small pl/sql reports.
  • etc

Also as a plus maybe generate a shell script to connect to db execute one of the pl/sql reports and put output into a log file. This way we would have a complete small project for a unix dba.  

I would like to have some feedback on this idea, and maybe another ideas for small projects.  

Gabriel Aragon  

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