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That's the conundrum. They know the application passwords, there's no way around it. I need to lock them down to a read only session when they log on from sqlplus, SQL Developer, Toad, etc.

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But you said management told you they were to no longer have such privileges. IOW - They don't need them.

Game over.

Or are we missing something?

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The application developers need the passwords for their applications. We have some old applications so there's no good way around this.

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I have convinced management to allow me to grant read-only access to the developers. The problem is that they know the application passwords and have been using those passwords to circumvent my controls. Is there a way via a Is there some reason the obvious solution wont' work?

That is, change the passwords.

It would seem the applications in question are not subject to SarbanesOxley,
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