RE: determine start time for RAC database

From: Don Granaman <>
Date: Thu, 7 Jan 2010 10:01:12 -0600
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Does a *database* really even have a "start time"? I suggest that the very concept is not valid.  

Obviously what you are asking for is something akin to: "What the last time that *no* instance was running against this database?"

I don't know if this information is "trivially" available. [i.e. "trivially" = Without greping all pertinent alert logs, applying heuristics, etc.]  

Don Granaman [nee: OraSaurus]

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Subject: determine start time for RAC database  

I've looked around at a few things but we're pretty new running RAC and I'm not sure where to find this information.  

I'm trying to find the start time for the database, not the individual instances. For example, INST1 and INST2 start Monday. Tuesday INST1 restarts, thus causing gv$instance for INST1 to show Tuesday as start time. Then, Wednesday, INST2 restarts, showing INST2 start time as Wednesday.  

So far, we have INST1 start time as Tuesday, INST2 start time as Wednesday, but the database itself has been up continuously since Monday. Where do I find that Monday start time since Monday is the true start time of the database?  


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