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This is what I use to get the previous month.


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there is some confusion with the question. My question is how to always get the last month of the data? The job was set to run on 2010/1/15, then I need to get 2009/12 in the where clause.

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Joan Hsieh wrote:

> Hi,
> I am trying to modify a query with where clause like
> '&&year%%month%'to retrieve all the data by each month of the year. I

> have managed this query to set up automatically run on the 15th of the

> month without any problem until it turned the year of 2010.
> I used select substr(add_months(sysdate,-1),5,2) from dual to collect
> the month.
> and select substr(sysdate,1,4) from dual to get the year.
> The problem is I can't get the data on this month cause I will
> generate the date like '201012%'.
> Do you know how to handle this? Using if statement? if the month is
> 12, then the year should be -1? I am not sure how to accomplish this.
> Thanks,
> Joan


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