Re: 11.2 Grid Infrastructure upgrade failure

From: jason arneil <>
Date: Tue, 5 Jan 2010 19:18:05 +0000
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2010/1/5 Niall Litchfield <>:
> Hi Jason, i'd concur with Martin about the perl script.

The perl script (eventually) runs a oifcfg command, latest from Oracle is that this command should run from the 10.2 Clusterware home, rather than the new Grid Infrastructure home, but for some reason it's not.

> I do take issue with the mainstream platform and can't believe comment though.
> We see a lot of 10.2 on linux installs - they're nearly all 32 bit.

I was really thinking in terms of when a platform becomes available. The linux x86-64 release was available very early, and on that basis I would describe it as mainstream, as compared to say Z/linux or some i would say more obscure platforms.

Also looking at number of patches available for, I'm actually surprised to see that there are more available for linux x86-64 than there is for 32bit linux. And a hell of a lot more available for linux x86-64 than say sparc x86-64. On those metrics I'd definitely describe linux x86-64 as mainstream.

I wonder if the number of patches available for a platform is more related to the usage of that platform, rather than the number of bugs existing within a particular platforms release.

> for the egregious bug comment - just read a few bug descriptions on
> metalink. I'd believe almost any upgrade path went effectively
> untested these days.

I fear you may be right on this regard, surely not a good state of affairs though. I was just hoping to find someone else who had done this upgrade path, I've not heard anybody saying it has gone without a hitch for them!



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