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I don't see why you'd be slammed for that, it's a perfectly sensible approach. I'm interested that you recommend the MS OLEDB provider though rather than a current Oracle one. The former doesn't support all Oracle datatypes particularly well (or in some cases at all). It would of course require a client install on the sql server which may be beyond acceptability :(


On 4 Jan 2010 19:46, Kellyn Pedersen <> wrote:
> I may get slammed for this, but as a DBA in both platforms and utilizing
> both products in the past, I have to ask- Is there anyway you can simply
> utilize the Microsoft OLE DB Provider for Oracle, adding the Oracle
> database server as a linked server on the SQL Server side and query from
> there?

> I find this to be more stable and require less DBA upkeep....

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> We have some MS Sql databases and need to run some queries from Oracle.
> Our Oracle database is at version running on Solaris. According
> to Oracle we need to set up a Database Gateway for ODBC either on a
> Windows platform, Linux or Solaris.

> Our MS Sql server is 64 bit, and apparently DG4ODBC is only certified for
> 32 bit on Windows and Linux. If on Solaris a third party like the ODBC
> driver from Data Direct Technologies is needed, and the 9i database needs
> to be patched. After installing DG4ODBC a listener and tnsnames.ora need
> to be configured. Then a database link needs to be created on Oracle.

> The 9i database has something called hsodbc but Oracle says that is not
> certified anymore.

> Has someone in the list done something like this?

> Thank you

> Ana

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