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I would agree with this method and we use it successfully where I work. There are some minor gotchas we found around dates and/or timestamps. One specific one is that SQL 2000 (not sure about 2005 and higher L) does not like Oracle's timestamp datatype and will error out if a query includes a timestamp column. We got around that by creating views with something like this for the timestamp columns:  

    to_date(to_char(CREATED_TIME, 'DD-MON-YYYY HH24:MI:SS'), 'DD-MON-YYYY HH24:MI:SS') created_time  

In essence, converting timestamp data to character and then to date. A little convoluted but it gets the data visible to SQL.  



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I may get slammed for this, but as a DBA in both platforms and utilizing both products in the past, I have to ask- Is there anyway you can simply utilize the Microsoft OLE DB Provider for Oracle, adding the Oracle database server as a linked server on the SQL Server side and query from there?

I find this to be more stable and require less DBA upkeep....

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From: Ana Choto <> Subject: Querying MS Sql from Oracle
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We have some MS Sql databases and need to run some queries from Oracle. Our Oracle database is at version running on Solaris. According to Oracle we need to set up a Database Gateway for ODBC either on a Windows platform, Linux or Solaris.

Our MS Sql server is 64 bit, and apparently DG4ODBC is only certified for 32 bit on Windows and Linux. If on Solaris a third party like the ODBC driver from Data Direct Technologies is needed, and the 9i database needs to be patched. After installing DG4ODBC a listener and tnsnames.ora need to be configured. Then a database link needs to be created on Oracle.

The 9i database has something called hsodbc but Oracle says that is not certified anymore.

Has someone in the list done something like this?

Thank you


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