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From: Noor Mulla <>
Date: Thu, 17 Dec 2009 11:49:05 +0530
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Hi Dimitre,

Encountering error as below when I ran ur script

awk: syntax error near line 2
awk: bailing out near line 2

Thanks & Regards

From: Radoulov, Dimitre [] Sent: Wednesday, December 16, 2009 5:23 PM To: Noor Mulla
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Subject: Re: adding lines

On 16/12/2009 12.42, Radoulov, Dimitre wrote: On 16/12/2009 12.16, Noor Mulla wrote:

Anyone in the position to convert below script which is using sed to a script using awk. Basically, we are adding unrecoverable, path ddumps/../../dataciti_master and append to existing ctl files. This is very urgent.

for FILE in `ls -1 *.test`


I believe this is off-topic here ...
Anyway (backup your data before running the script, or just change mv to cp):

... and this will take care of eventual pathological characters in your ctl filenames.

awk 'END { close(fn); system("mv " fn " " ofn) } FNR == 1 {
  if (fn) { close(fn); system("mv \47" fn "\47 \47" ofn "\47") }   print "unrecoverable" > (fn = FILENAME "__new")   ofn = FILENAME
  sub(/infile \47/, "&/DDUMPS/sybase_dump/out/DATACITI_MASTER/Oracle/")   /into table/ && $0 = "append " $0; print > fn   }' *.ctl



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