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Date: Wed, 16 Dec 2009 15:01:05 -0800 (PST)
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I happen to get this message once a week in my new datamart builds, which are based on a duplicate RMAN process with a controlfile creation from backup of our production warehouse. The error occurs for us due to the number of tablespaces that we have marked in our duplicate to exclude.  So our rman configuration file has the following in it:
  "duplicate target database to martb

This results in the following types of messages in the alert log: Dictionary check beginning
Tablespace 'LOADLARGE #50 found in data dictionary, but not in the controlfile. Adding to controlfile. ...
File #5 found in data dictionary but not in controlfile. Creating OFFLINE file 'MISSING00005' in the controlfile. ...
We simply run a drop tablespace...etc. etc. after the completion of the duplicate/recovery as we never wanted those tablespaces anyway. They show up as missing though because as part of the recovery process they are recognized in the data dictionary check.

for your question, they are most likely looking at a different reason, but the same thing is marking them as missing-  data dictionary check during recovery that adds them to your controlfile with the MISSING naming convention.  So this shouldn't be because you've chosen to exclude them, but because they are read only and will not be backed up as part of Oracle's RMAN backup, (read up on Read only tablespaces, if I remember correctly from my "read only tablespace" days, they are not backed up by default...)  so they are also not able to be recovered then!

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Listers -

I took the Oracle 10g OCP exam and one question in the exam was something I have not come across in several years working with Oracle.  I searched google, but only found someone has had this happen, but they didn't understand why - it was during a database cloning process.

It went something like - You rebuild your controlfile and open your database and discover several datafiles have been renamed to /somepath/MISSING##### (where ##### is a 5-digit number).

What might that signify?

A. Those are corrupt files?
B. Those are read-only tablespace files?
C. .....
D. .....
E. .....

I don't remember the five choices, but does anyone know why Oracle would rename datafiles to .....MISSING#####.


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