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I haven't used Oracle Names for years, but everything I did know I blogged:

If I recall correctly, where the names server gets it's data from is a bit vague. It can be from the database, from an on disk cache, from an in memory cache or from another names server process.

My expectation is, that if you shutdown the database, that that repository will no longer be accessed by the names server process, and any amendments that are made in the database will not be reflected in the Names server caches until the process is re-started.

Thus Shutting down the database in the way you are probably makes Oracle Names slightly less resilient, but isn't disastrous.

Again, as I no longer have access to a names server, I have no way of proving my understanding of the behavior of the names server process to myself or anyone else!

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We still have a few 8i databases and we use ONames resolution.

We've noticed that over the last couple of months, when we take the nameserver's database down for a backup, the nameserver process doesn't go down. Something is still using it. We haven't quite determined what's happening, but I'm wondering if it's something we need to worry about.

Since the database goes down, the database is backed up just fine. I'm not too familiar with ONames, though, so I'm not sure if the nameserver process not going down and getting restarted will cause our database backups to not be any good.

Any comments?

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