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OH BOY, a trip down memory lane, or is that ancient history?

Onames will use the database defined in the names.ora file to create a file of data that it can use whenever the ghost database becomes unavailable. I believe it will also try to reconnect IAW some parameter that was in names.ora. Not sure where that file is kept, someplace in ORACLE_HOME/network.

Now if your using an 8 or 9 client those know how to use Onames, but 10 and above are too stupid.

Dick Goulet
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If I remember correctly, when you start the Onames service, it reads the Oracle database to get the tnsnames definitions and stores those in its own memory (or it could if you set it up this way). You could actually have Onames read a tnsnames file to do the same thing.

So it does not surprise me that it is still running. Does it still work? :)


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We still have a few 8i databases and we use ONames resolution.

We've noticed that over the last couple of months, when we take the nameserver's database down for a backup, the nameserver process doesn't go down. Something is still using it. We haven't quite determined what's happening, but I'm wondering if it's something we need to worry about.

Since the database goes down, the database is backed up just fine. I'm not too familiar with ONames, though, so I'm not sure if the nameserver process not going down and getting restarted will cause our database backups to not be any good.

Any comments?


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