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I think that all depends on you're internal auditing procedures. Our College is very interested in statistics of certain database on-the-fly, as something important is happening. ie, fall registration, then spring registration, etc. We might keep them around for a year... to see what was going on last year, at the same time. For example, this year, we've had the highest registration ever, in the fall. So, in a few weeks, it will be nice to see what happens for the spring registration. But, again, it probably all depends on your company and what they want to do with all the stats. To tell the truth, i use the Grid repository as the "test bed" for any kind of the thing i want to play with, backups, recovery, etc, etc. /wink


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While configuring a monitoring server like Grid control server (or any other type), how much of High availability or redundancy factors should we consider. What happens when the monitoring server itself goes down. I am curious to know how it is handled.    


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