Re:progress of silent installation 11.2

From: Alessandro Vercelli <>
Date: Thu, 10 Dec 2009 15:25:19 +0100
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I googled for SHOW_INSTALL_PROGRESS_PAGE and I found:
#Datatype   : Boolean
#Description: Set to true if the install progress page in OUI needs to be
#             shown.
#             This page shows the current status in the installation. The
#             current status includes the product being installed and the file
#             being copied.

My lay opinion is about a terminal issue


>Hi All,
>I was trying to see the progress of installation in silent mode for 11.2 on
>but by default it is not shown (like it was before - dots and percentage)
>Based on documentation SHOW_INSTALL_PROGRESS_PAGE parameter
>set to true should show it but it does not (neither SHOW_INSTALL_PROGRESS)
>I tried the parameters in command line and completed installation
>(unfortunately w/o progress shown)
>but when I put those parameters to response file I got errors that those
>parameters are not valid.
>Has anybody had successful silent installation with progress shown?
>Andrey Goryunov

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