emctl fails with "failed to initialize TargetManager"

From: Daniel W. Fink <daniel.fink_at_optimaldba.com>
Date: Mon, 7 Dec 2009 17:54:26 +0000
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Oracle (64 bit) on Linux Centos 5 RAC I can't get the emagent started. emctl start agent terminates with "failed to initialize TargetManager".

Background - The person responsible for DBA support on this server is not available and did not leave notes. The 'agent died' a few weeks ago, but no other details. It did work at one time (and works fine on other server in cluster) and no changes were known to have been made at the time of the agent termination.

I first tried to start the agent, but emctl reports that the agent is running. I tried to stop the agent, but emctl reports that the agent is not running. No emagent process is found in the process table (ps -ef | grep emagent).

The targets.xml file was missing, so I ran agentca (agentca -d -c "<node1>,<node2>") to recreate it. However, it does not create the targets.xml. Nor does it return any error. The output says that the configuration was successful, but it obviously is not. Running the same command on the working node generates a new targets.xml and the agent works fine.

I'm not very familiar with grid control agents and see nothing in the doc/logs that provides me leads to solve the problem. And I am not seeing any configuration differences (in the $AGENT_HOME directory structure) that is not node related.

Is there a way to set more verbose logging? Why does emctl think that the agent is both running and not running?

Thank you for any assistance,
Daniel Fink

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