Re: ASM vs Hardware RAID vs ASM + Hardware RAID

From: Martin Bach <>
Date: Fri, 04 Dec 2009 10:47:05 +0000
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Hi Ray,

Ray Feighery wrote:
> List
> Red Hat 4.0 x86_64
> HP DL 585 G2
> Oracle EE

First of all, I'd recommend the same as Greg-get away from the old hardware :) But that of course isn't always easy/possible.

> Looking for experiences of using ASM vs Hardware RAID.
> Currently have a database running on internal filesystem disks (no
> ASM, just standard ext3). The database is outgrowing the internal
> disks, so the next step is to attach an external array.

Again I fully agree with Greg here (his reply is down the email chain), the Sun Kit (or equivalent) is very nice and give you plenty of performance to spare. I recently did a hardware migration from a DL 580 G2 to DL 580 G5 (yes I know, I didn't make that decision) and it rocks!

Coming back to your question about storage and ASM. CERN, who are known to create enormous amounts of data proved that you can use ASM with normal redundancy over cheap storage, and it seems to work quite well for them. See Luca Canali's excellent presentations on the topic:

There's too much group to cover here so please have a read at the ppts on Luca's website.



Martin Bach
OCM 10g
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