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This may not work - I don't remember whether the CRS will monitor the physical link state, but if it loses that link state, it very likely could evict itself. I seem to remember seeing some test plans on other OSes where they did get a different result from doing an ifconfig down vs. a hard cable pull.  


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Subject: RAC & failing switch and power issues: more details  

More details:

The private switch is truly private; it does not share any traffic with any other network(s).

The plan would be:

  1. shutdown database + CRS on node-2 (passive node)
  2. unplug (or do work on) the switch

Dan Hubler
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RAC & failing switch and power issues      

Running a 2-node RAC on AIX (v5.3).
Oracle v10.2.0.3

Application runs in active-passive fashion.

We have issues with:

  1. the switch that is the RAC interconnect
  2. the power being supplied to that same switch

Our current idea is to shut down the passive instance (prod2). We are assuming that this would leave us free to play games with the switch.

Our software vendor is telling is this should be O.K.

Oracle is telling us that if we pull the switch after shutting down PROD2,
that the server running the active instance (PROD1) will "evict itself".

This flies in the face of some testing we did early this year where we simulated loss of the switch
by shutting down the interfaces via ifconfig.

Would love to hear comments opinions about this situation. Thanks in advance.

Dan Hubler
Database Administrator
Aurora Healthcare

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