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From: Dba DBA <>
Date: Thu, 3 Dec 2009 08:36:28 -0500
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My interpretation on this is that multiple sessions are trying to read the same block. Oracle can only let 1 person read the same block and makes the other sessions wait. Is this correct?

We have the same queries that regularly run in concurrency. now we are getting performance problems with a wait of "read by other sessions'. My take on it is that now multiple users are running the same query with similiar parameters. Where in the past they may have run the same query, but with different parameters so we did not get read by other session.

when I run the query in sqlplus it returns quickly with minimal read by other session waits, but users in the application frequently have to wait 45 seconds. My take on this is that at the moment I run the query, i am not querying the exact same blocks as other people.

Is that how I interpret read by other sessions? Yes I have traced sessions and AWR, but now I need to interpret my results.

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