Re: Oracle RAC cluster Resource for External Application

From: Alessandro Vercelli <>
Date: Tue, 1 Dec 2009 14:21:22 +0100
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thanks for your confirmation, in better and formal terms, of what I said :))

A part from Oracle docs, I add that much better is having a dedicated VIP for databases (if you have more than one in the cluster, of couse)in order to relocate each db indipendently.


>Oracle recommend, don't use existing VIP (listener). should use Application
>- All databases use one VIP (for listener)
>- Each of applications separate VIP (2 applications = 2 vips)
>You can define a virtual IP address for an application so users can access
>the application independently of the node in the cluster where the
>application is running. This is referred to as the application VIP. You can
>define multiple application VIPs, with generally one application VIP defined
>for each application running. The application VIP is tied to the application
>by making it dependent on the application resource defined by Cluster Ready
>Services (CRS).
>Good Luck
>Surachart Opun
>> Sanjay,
>> the 3rd app. can use an existing VIP but not the same VIP:port combination,
>> of course.
>> Anyway, if there isn't a reason for not having a dedicated VIP for the 3rd
>> app., I suggest to use it, you will be able to relocate the 3rd app.
>> indipendently from the Oracle db bounded on the VIP.
>> Alessandro
>> >Surachart
>> >
>> >Does the 3rt Part APplication which will be protected with Oracle
>> Clusterwae need an additional VIP or what I can say public IP to manage it
>> or I can utilize the existing Oracle IP. I am confused on the VIP part while
>> all othe is clear and so any help is appreciated.
>> >
>> >Sanjay

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