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From: Sam K <>
Date: Tue, 1 Dec 2009 06:07:39 -0500
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Hi all

   How do you go about doing an impact analysis for a Solaris to Linux migration for Oracle products
couple of tasks which come into mind immediately are

certification of equivalent products and 3rd party products on linux platform migration strategy
hardware equivalence?? - how do you go about this, For ex. how to go about finding a equivalent server for say a Sun SPARC Enterprise M5000 Server on a Dell or HP server offering?
for hardware equivalence other than CPU and memory should we look into anything more like HBA's,switches etc...?? For CPU's should we go for equivalent number? for ex if we have a 4 quad-cores on Solaris
should we go for similar configuration on a linux hardware? Did anyone move to a RAC configuration as part of Linux migration from a non-Rac environment, if so
what were the reasons? Did Hardware/server sizing equivalent play a role in it.

I would like to hear your thoughts on the above and any additional info we will need to analyze
as part of the process


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