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I would hazard a guess that you would want to use Golden Gate in place of streams where applicable because Golden Gate is Oracle's stated future direction.

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 Can you tell me the advantages of using Golden Gate over Streams ? Thanks.

Steff Gonos
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Nice WebCast on Golden Gate.

Hope the link works for you. Might be of interest to you.

On Tue, Nov 17, 2009 at 10:14 AM, David Mann <<>> wrote:
> Niall Litchfield wrote:
>>I see that Golden Gate software is now available for download from Oracle in
>>apparently 64bit form only. Is Golden Gate a purely 64bit product (and yes I
>>know Oracle will integrate/replace streams into this product line) or is it that
>>only the 64bit software is up there for now. -- Niall Litchfield ...
> Hi Niall,
> I'm not sure what direction they are going since the Oracle buyout but
> in the past Golden Gate seemed to have their codebase prepped to build
> cross platform and would create binary builds on different platforms
> as requested by customers.
> I worked on a software product that leveraged Golden Gate TDM for
> replication and it seemed every time a big customer bought our product
> we were asking Golden Gate for a new build on some new platform. I
> know some of these platforms were 32-bit.
> -Dave
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