RE: Oracle 11g linux 64bit (RedHat) vs Windows server (2003) 64bit

From: Matthew Zito <>
Date: Wed, 25 Nov 2009 00:12:42 -0500
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If you already have an expertise on Linux, there's no reason to change, imho. Not to mention that you already have scripts, etc. that work on Linux. Plus, Linux is Oracle's primary development platform, though that might change with the Sun acquisition.

In any case, I can't vouch for any architecture that would make windows faster than Linux or vice versa - but I think the management difference would make a much bigger impact than a few percentage points either way.


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From: on behalf of laura pena Sent: Wed 11/25/2009 12:08 AM
Subject: Oracle 11g linux 64bit (RedHat) vs Windows server (2003) 64bit  


We have been running linux 10g redhat for some 2 years now. Looking to port to 11g. Our linux systems run well, I hear windows has a new "architecture" and is faster with 11g.  

Any known issues that we should be aware of if we were to port to Oracle windows 11g?  

A comparison on this would be good if anyone has experience.  

Years ago the SGA was limited on windows and you can not use named pipes like you can on linux. Windows was slower and you had to reboot the OS weekly (Oracle9i, can't remember what windows server). But now I am not sure how windows scales compared to linux on 11g.  

Any thoughts, experience on this issue would be greatly appreciated.  


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