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From: Yong Huang <>
Date: Sat, 21 Nov 2009 21:42:01 -0800 (PST)
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That URL is for a MOS or Metalink "note" or "document" only. There's one other major category, i.e. bugs. They use a different URL. See for both URLs for both Flash and HTML version of MOS. These different document (in general sense) subtypes seem to be differentiated by the digit after the dot (.1 for general notes, .5 for FAQs, etc).

There's actually one other minor type of documents: attachments, with document type ATT. The URLs are like the following:

But of course it makes no sense to bookmark attachment URLs because they're always linked from their main documents.

I wish there was a direct URL for a specific SR. Currently you can only open one SR window at a time and you can't open it in a new window.

Yong Huang

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Adric Norris wrote:

To expand a bit upon Jared's information, those of us who browse via Firefox can easily turn this into a keyword search bookmark for easy access.

  • Create a bookmark in the usual manner, and set the URL to the following. This is simply what Jared provided with "%s" appended.

  • Assign a short, easily remembered keyword such as "mos" to the entry. You might need to click on the arrow labeled More in order to see the keyword field.

To see the beastie in action just type your selected keyword followed by the DocID of interest, for example "mos 746247.1", in the URL bar and press enter. You don't even have to signon to MOS first... you'll be directed to a logon page if necessary, after which the document comes up straightaway. Assuming that MOS is actually available, of course. :P

This technique will almost certainly work for general (non-DocID) searches as well... we just need to identify the relevant URL.       

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