RE: Is there a repository to pick Perl DBI/DBD::Oracle modules for Solaris 10 & Oracle 10gr2?

From: Pradeep Chetal <>
Date: Fri, 20 Nov 2009 08:09:58 -0500
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I did build it with Solaris Studio but for one architecture. I think it was V440. Then it failed to run our T2000 and T5120 boxes.

I guess I have to build them for every architecture?

Is that correct?

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Hi Pradeep,

when I wrote some nagios checks for SPARC Solaris (just assuming that's what you are using, but shouldn't really matter) I couldn't find a pre-compiled DBD::Oracle module.

I have written down some notes on how to compile it with Sun Studio for Activestate perl 5.8.8 for Solaris. I read somewhere that you need to use the same compiler to compile perl modules that has been used to compile perl itself, in my case that's Sun Studio (which you can download for free now). Check the following URL for some guidelines: ew&id=86&Itemid=33

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