Re: Running RAC_at_Solaris under Veritas Cluster?

From: Zhu,Chao <>
Date: Thu, 19 Nov 2009 22:35:54 +0800
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Thanks Ram/Riyaj.
Yes I understand it is two cluster software running at same time (that's why i don't like the idea of VCS+CRS);

I am also reading a doc here about the benefit of running Sun Cluster over RAC+CRS; (Charpter 4);
it mentioned some advantage of like using Sun cluster overcomes the limitation of IPMP to do HA for interconnect, and more robust cluster memmber ship/fencing; It sounds reasonable during high load cases the sun cluster might able to handle better than oracle CRS;

Anyone experienced the IPMP limitation so far (if you also on solaris)?

On Thu, Nov 19, 2009 at 8:22 PM, Ram Srinivasan <
> wrote:

> Hi:
> We do have RAC in dev, test and production. Also Veritas is the file
> system we are using and not ASM. We actually recommended ASM. But they did
> not listen to the DBAs, and went with the Veritas. I think the sysadmins
> wanted to have complete control over the file storage system, because some
> of them are not familiar with the ASM. Since we have Veritas on top of
> 10gR2, we are having lots of issues. Diagnosing the problems is very
> difficult. Whenever they bring down the boxes, CRS won't come up, or some
> times oracle libraries will over-write Veritas libraries, and the Veritas
> may not come up. Sometimes, they disks are connected to the CRS. These
> sysadmins take the disks off without disconnecting the disks from the CRS
> first, and this would bring down the CRS. They would blame the DBAs, and
> the DBAs will have to tell them to disconnect the disks from the CRS first,
> etc........ It is a total mess down here.
> If you have a choice, go with the ASM.
> Yes. It is the DBA's job to bring up/shutdown CRS, nodeapps services,
> instances databases, etc.. The sysadmins will bring up the file systems
> only.
> Thanks.
> Ram Srinivasan
> On Fri, Nov 13, 2009 at 5:14 AM, Zhu,Chao <> wrote:
>> hi Guys
>> We were doing POC for RAC(sorry we are very late in technology
>> deployment and indeed we don't have strong need for RAC so far as we split
>> database when server running out of capacity) and our storage guys insists
>> on using Veritas Cluster (guess VCS has less learning curve for them?);
>> To me it does not make sense to use Veritas Cluster software as oracle
>> is merging all cluster management to its CRS and it makes easier to manage
>> in the longer term, and I believe it is the oracle stategy and also industry
>> common practise;
>> I am writing to to the list to ask for your opinon, and how does your
>> company run RAC? Is there any major reason to use third party clusterware
>> instead of oracle's own which is free (bundled in RAC optino)?
>> Thanks.
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>> Zhu Chao
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> Ram Srinivasan

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