Re: Logical Domains for Oracle RAC (Sun T5440)

From: William Muriithi <>
Date: Wed, 18 Nov 2009 18:13:18 -0600
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There was discussion of this particular setup I think two weeks ago on this mailing list.

Never worked with T series Sun hardware, but the whole idea was highly discouraged.

Seem oracle tend to crash when you try to cage it on container, the hardware performance leave a lot to be desired just to point a few.

Dig around for the old emails because I do not think there has been a change of mind

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Subject: Logical Domains for Oracle RAC (Sun T5440)

We are trying to bring in some Sun T5440 (will run Oracle RAC) for a new application and are working with Oracle on some licensing issues. One idea that came up was to create a virtualized env (Logical Domains) in an effort to reduce the # of cores presented and still purchase the equipment (ultimately get the Oracle licensing cost within the budget). In an year or so, when the application load increases, we can then scale up the CPUs and buy the extra licenses at that time.

Anyone has any experiences to share running RAC (10gR2 at this pt) in Solaris 10 LDom env? Any concerns/gotchas that we should be aware of?


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