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From: David Mann <>
Date: Tue, 17 Nov 2009 10:14:43 -0500
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Niall Litchfield wrote:
>I see that Golden Gate software is now available for download from Oracle in
>apparently 64bit form only. Is Golden Gate a purely 64bit product (and yes I
>know Oracle will integrate/replace streams into this product line) or is it that
>only the 64bit software is up there for now. -- Niall Litchfield ...

Hi Niall,

I'm not sure what direction they are going since the Oracle buyout but in the past Golden Gate seemed to have their codebase prepped to build cross platform and would create binary builds on different platforms as requested by customers.

I worked on a software product that leveraged Golden Gate TDM for replication and it seemed every time a big customer bought our product we were asking Golden Gate for a new build on some new platform. I know some of these platforms were 32-bit.


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