RE: RAC, clusterware, OCRs and voting disks.....

From: Vishal Gupta <>
Date: Mon, 16 Nov 2009 22:55:41 -0000
Message-ID: <>


If you dont have backup of OCR and Voting disk, you can do following.    

  • Clear OCR and Voting disks ( by running as root, dd or $CRS_HOME/install/ )
  • Recreate the OCR by running $CRS_HOME/ as root on each node.
  • Add Listener/ASM/DB to Clusterware

   srvctl add listener -n <node1>

   srvctl add listener -n <node2>

   srvctl add listener -n <node3>  

  • Add ASM instance to cluster

   srvctl add asm -n <node1> -i +ASM1 -o <oracle_home>

   srvctl add asm -n <node2> -i +ASM2 -o <oracle_home>

   srvctl add asm -n <node3> -i +ASM3 -o <oracle_home>  

-Add the database and its instances to cluster

   srvctl add database -d <DBNAME> -o <oraclehome>

   srvctl add instance -d <DBNAME> -i <DBNAME>1 -n <node1>

   srvctl add instance -d <DBNAME> -i <DBNAME>2 -n <node2>

   srvctl add instance -d <DBNAME> -i <DBNAME>3 -n <node3>  

  • Make DB instance dependant on ASM instance.

   srvctl modify instance -d <DBNAME> -i <DBNAME>1 -s +ASM1

   srvctl modify instance -d <DBNAME> -i <DBNAME>2 -s +ASM2

   srvctl modify instance -d <DBNAME> -i <DBNAME>3 -s +ASM3  

  • Start the resources

   srvctl start listener -n <node>

   srvctl start asm -n <node>

   srvctl start database -d <DBNAME>  

  • Add any customer service definition you might have had

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