Re: Metalink Fiasco - Oracle Support Who do they think we are! - Ok lets get past this....

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Date: Fri, 13 Nov 2009 07:32:36 -0800 (PST)
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Alright already.... We know there are issues.

Let's join together like some people are doing and try to help fix the issues !!!!!

Some people are working on the HTML work around to flash for the people that can't use flash.


I myself consider ME to have contributed to this issue.  I was subbourn and said... I don't like flash pages so I am just going to use Classic until they make me.  I did tell Oracle Support it was slow and say it was missing features.  But I should have been is more proactive and gave them exactly what didn't work and what did so they maybe could have addresses some of the issues before this.  I became my worst user.

Below is as least a clear partial list of what is wrong.  But don't post it just here.

Call them im, Telll your Oracle support/sales the EXACT issues not that it is slow and it s**ks.  This is counter productive and when MY users do this, I make them go back and reproduce exactly what they did and how they got the problem.  I understand if you can't log in, ok not much to report there.  But once you do get in there are many function that work and function that don't work. 

We need to give Support screen print, exact errors, etc of what is going on to help them fix the issues so we can move on.

Help Oracle to help us.  Remember while Metalink/Support is down or not function right, so are many companies and users who cannot get their problem solved.

Our companies, users are depending on us, let's move on and be part of the solution not the problem!!!!!

By helping Oracle we help ourselves....

Ok..;getting off my soap box now.

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I'd add to that list:

some users are experiencing intermittent connection errors When I first tried this morning I got the error (nicely animated by flash of course) 'My Oracle Support Services Error.  A server connection error occured.  You cannot continue, please try again later'.  After around an hour of trying, I did get in, but after restarting my browser I can no longer get in.

David Lord

2009/11/13 Chris Dunscombe <>


The problem with the Mail is that there's no acknowledgement of:

the severe performance issue some users have suffered the fact that many users haven't been able to successfully raise SRs even when logged onto MOS lack of eTRM, I believe this is key for EBS users some users haven't had all or any SRs transferred acrossAlso the implication in the Mail is that the only problems are with registration and access and that these are due to users not using SSO. This is clearly not the case.

Finally when many users of a system have been experiencing significant problems due to some "change" then some form of apology or at least proper recognition the issues is in order. I'm sure I'm not the only one who wasn't happy with the Mail and it certainly hasn't improved my view of Oracle.


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I am sorry Chris but what exactly is wrong with the mail. I think if you take each sentence you will find it factually correct. I suspect that the benefits from MOS have been exaggerated but are probably there for some customers.


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Just received this from Oracle Support, who do they think they are!!!!!! Especially the little bit below. I don't expect this will go down well at all

""Many of our customers are using My Oracle Support and are experiencing benefits from this next-generation support platform. Since Monday November 9, 2009, some customers experienced issues with registration and access. As a reminder, in order to access My Oracle Support (, you must login using your Single Sign-On (SSO) account for authentication purposes. This is a new requirement for accessing My Oracle Support and was not utilized for Classic MetaLink."


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