Non-privileged users log into server, receive no response

From: Gus Spier <>
Date: Thu, 12 Nov 2009 10:28:44 -0500
Message-ID: <>

Solaris 10
RAC, 2 node

So, a non-privileged user (not sys, system, et alia) does secure shell to the database and attempts to invoke sqlplus. The user supplies the correct password and expects to see the sql prompt, the banner information, and whatever environment has been set up for him.

(The user can attempt this from a regular client with the same results)

Instead, the user sees no activity on his terminal ...


$sqlplus dba_jim

Troubleshooting as reported by the other DBAs on the team. They include rebuild the catalog and other basic activities (not immediately available to me for this email).

We log in to the server as sys or system (as sysdba) and look at the V$SESSION view. We see the session(s) for the user. Further, we look at the V$PROCESS view and realize that there is no process associated with that session!

Servers are DEDICATED (vice SHARED)

An SR has been filed. The system is in late development stages and prototypes have been circulated about the user community. Anxiety mounts and we cannot figure out why user sessions do not begin correctly.

Has anyone seen anything like this? We could sure use the help

Fond regards,


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