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Security is not in the eyes of the beholder. A vulnerabilities exist or they do not. Certainly sites need to evaluate whether the vulnerability is applicable and whether they have taken other measures to prevent its exploitation, etc. I am not a system administrator nor a security expert, but RedHat has been rather busy lately with kernel releases to fix security issues.

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> Impressive! What do you do about security problems with the OS. Does
> not the installation of a new kernel require a reboot

Security is in the eye of the keyholder -- not everyone needs every security
update right away.

Once upon a life, we had a dev box that had a 4-digit uptime. It was decided that there would be a controlled reboot if only to make sure that
there were no undocumented "fixes" in startup, since there was some personnel changes in the department. Kind of a bummer...

And don't get me started on VMS uptimes. Oh, those were the days... :)



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